April Goebel hopper bin sale.  All bins come complete with skid, aeration, ladders from ground to lid, remote cap opener, full bin indicator, set-up and delivered*(within 300km of Saskatoon, further distances will have additional charges) Truckload quantities only.

4,900 bus-$17,000/each-truckload of 3

7,820 bus-$25,750/each-truckload of 2

10,700 bus-$3.07/bus-truckload of 2



Westeel 17,000 bus hopper bins with air, quad skid, 4 roof vents, OPI multi temp cable, set-up $2.85***delivery extra

Westeel 10,300 bus hopper bins SET-UP-$2.99/bus**

includes, triple skid, Edwards 24″ perforated air tube, sidewall/roof ladders, remote cap opener, full bin indicator, rack and pinion slide gate and set-up. *Delivery Extra


Call Devon @ 1-306-373-4919