Year End Specials


All Goebel hopper bins are currently all sale.  Will come complete with skid, aeration package, ladders from ground to lid, remote cap opener, full bin indicator and set-up and delivered*.  Truckload quantities only.

Goebel 4900 bus –$15,000/bin-truckload of 3

Goebel 7,820 bus-$2.93

Goebel 10,700 bus-$2.85/bus

*delivery is included up to 300km from Saskatoon, extra charges will apply for further km’s



Bin Sense and OPI Blue systems available for fall install.


Westeel 10,300 bus hopper bins SET-UP-$2.79/bus**

includes, triple skid, Edwards 24″ perforated air tube, sidewall/roof ladders, remote cap opener, full bin indicator, rack and pinion slide gate and set-up. *Delivery Extra


Westeel 17,000 bus hopper bins SET-UP-$2.73/bus* ONLY 10 AVAILABLE

includes quad skid, aeration, rack and pinion slide gate, sidewall/roof ladders, remote cap opener, 4 roof vents, OPI mult (3) temperature cables and set-up. *Delivery extra