Frequently Asked Questions

Where is located?
We are located in central Saskatchewan, Canada with good access to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the northern United States.
How soon after I submit a request can I expect an answer?
We will make all efforts to answer your request within two days. However, during high demand, this could be extended.
Does have volume pricing?
We price your quote based on the numbers and sizes you have submitted to us. The larger the quote, the larger the discount.
Does from time to time have better pricing?
Yes, from time to time we will get special pricing which we will pass on. Our specials are not seconds or flawed product. We sell only first quality products with factory warranties. To find bargains go to our specials page.
Is leasing available?
Yes, we deal with various leasing companies making sure the rates are always right for you.
Does erect bins?
Yes we can set up all sizes of hopper bins.  We also retrofit older bins with new steel floors or hopper cones, install ladders, door panel closures and auto lid openers.
Will market my product if I manufacture a related product?
Contact us and we can see if it meets our criteria.
What if I have any other questions?
Contact us and we will answer all your questions.