We sell grain bins, hopper cones, steel floors, fertilizer bins and short line farm equipment.

Grain Bins

Brands: Westeel, Goebel

2,000 up to 30,000 bushel bins,  hoppered, knocked down or set up on site. We are committed to selling only the best, in quality grain bins.

Hopper Cones

Brands: Westeel, Goebel, Hamm

12 to 27 foot diameters, welded, or galvanized cones to fit all new and existing bins. Options: steel skid foundations, various aeration systems.

Fertilizer Bins

Brands: Westeel, Concept Industries

Westeel Fertilizer bins come standard with skid, ladders from ground to lid, remote cap opener, 3 view glasses, poke hole, manhole, stainless steel rack and pinion slide gates.

On Farm and Storage Brochure  -Westeel specs on galvanized bins and Fertilizer bins

Concept Industries-

westeel fertilizer bin


Brand: Edwards Grain Guard, Keho, Opi-One, Bin Sense

Aeration rockets, square flat floor aeration, horizontal air for hopper cones, wall and roof vents, fans from 3-10 h.p. and temperature monitoring systems.